Elevation Education

As a Elevation Educater I am someone that can help you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, I delve into your deep rooted beliefs and your connection to the divine.

If you are not sure who you are, or why you are here, or what your mission in life is - or if you simply feel that something may be missing from your life, then here at Knead and Seed we can help you find the meaning to question you seek and teach you how to greet every lesson as a sacred gift. 

I like to think that you come to me with a map, a map to this hidden treasure. You may not be able to read this map now, which is where I come in. Through talk and spirtual exercises I can help you access the bright light within you. 

One hour session - $60 

House Cleansing with Sage - $100