Royal Crystal Workshop 


Time for our second crystal jewelry making event!

Veronica and I enjoyed this event SO much we just knew we would do it again. (hopefully again and again). We are not just doing crowns this time! Think bracelets, necklaces, AND crowns! 

No better time to do this event then during royal Leo Season! The workshop is on August 18th from 10am-3:30pm! 

This time we are opening it to girls AND boys! 

We are offering a two tier system. For $35 you get a choice of 6 gorgeous crystals, and can make as many pieces of jewelry you want with them! For $45 you get the choice of 9 crystals with the same options! 

There will be an area with a ton of extra beads, and trinkets you can use to add some personal flavor to your designs for FREE! 

Also we are doing it with time slots. Time slots are 10-11:30, 12-1:30, and 2-3:30. Below is a sign up form! Please fill it out in its entirety and specify how many children, which tier, and the time slot you would like! 

Payment info: Cash on the day of the event is preferred! If you need another option, please contact Juli at and she would be happy to assist you in the way you desire! 

To see more of what Veronica does follow her instagram @venaricodesigns ! As well as @kneadandseed to keep up with more events! 

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