It's so funny, when I was younger I used to be drawn people who were exactly like me or at least similar enough so it was easy. We liked the same things, didnt like the same things etc. easy. The first relationship which has taught me so many lessons is my relationship with my husband. I used to scream and kick and fight. Why why why are we so different. After every fight or experience however I always came out with a tool. He was my teacher, and I him. In many ways, and still to this very moment. Now I didn't know this in the beginning, this is a much more recent discovery. 

He is math, I am words. He is my calculator and I am his pencil. I think of things in letters strung together, where he looks at things through addition and subtraction. What the heck am i talking about eh? I am a song he has never heard and he is AP Algebra. Both valid, both true in their own way, but so so so very different. 

For me learning used to be a way to escape, I can read this book, take this course, get my masters. Im distracted, but zeroed in on one thing. Same for him, he needs projects that he can bury himself in, measuring this, how much will this cost, will this fit into this space. Now, learning, academia if you will, is way for me to be present. I often tell my clients (or friends), in astrology my husband and I have a semi-sextile relationship. Meaning we are one sign apart, im water, he is air, we just do not have anything in common. Since he is sitting RIGHT ON TOP OF ME, I cant "see" him, the whole picture, all I know is that I wouldn't have done what he just did. Punishing, but damn so educational. Which we both love so very much. 

I find now this is a theme in my life, I gravitate towards others who are so very different me, seeking lessons, pain maybe even! Throw away the easy give me the uphill, mounds of homework. For that is what I truly love. Work. It is never easy, it wouldnt be work then no? 

I recently started doing my spirtual life coaching on the phone for clients who have left after the summer, I have been calling it Elevation Education. I posed this question to a woman just yesterday: "What is left if you are no longer learning?" Now our conversation was much more in depth, and about a range of things of course but it struck a note with me. For some, they like to glide through life, do what is before them and no more. Which by the way is not wrong or bad, its just how we are astrologically wired in my opinion. But since four of my planets lay in Scorpio in my second and third house I can leave no stone unturned, no book closed, sometimes to a fault. 

Since this revelation learning has taken a whole new meaning! It is fun again, searching for people to teach me, people I can teach, looking for the lesson in every situation. It picks me up when I am down, soothes me when I am restless, grounds me when I am scattered. I no longer am afraid to be heard, and to listen, and learn. 

With all the light I can hold, 

Juli x.