New Beginnings

Me. Hm. So I never thought, well i hoped and prayed, that I would have my own business, something that I created all on my own. Well - thats not entirely true, I have had LOADS of help. Too many people to actually list here have financed, encouraged, given ideas and heaps of love and support to make Knead and Seed come to fruition. That being said, why, why am I doing this? Here it goes. 


Since I was a young girl I have always been fascinated by the unknown. Not being incredibly popular in school, I sort of lived in the awkward phase for those years rather than those lucky enough to pass through it. I still have one friend (sister, soulmate, ride or die) since I was four years old, she has been oh so lucky to see me through every point in my crazy beautiful life. I digress, back to the unknown shall we? There used to be a store on Sag Harbor main street called Metaphysical Books and Tools, which opened in 1986 (the year I came earth side) and if you google it, it says it is still there…however it is not. I believed it closed about ten years ago. Oh how I loved that store, my mother used to have to drag me out of there. The books, the crystals, all of these concepts of the divine feminine, astrology, tapping into our consciousness, it was all right there for me at my fingertips, until it wasnt. It was my escape, my safe haven, a place where I felt for some reason belonged. Now i know I'm making it seem like I was some sort of leper in high school, no no, I played sports, I had a good group of friends, a much older boyfriend and I was pretty average. My point is, I just felt like there was more I needed to learn besides earth science and consumer math. More that i was sent here to do. I wouldn't know what that was until almost ten years later. 


Flash forward to 2012, I have been married about two years and have an incredible little boy named Jackson. I am in this tumultuous in between, this internal tug of war, do I dive deeper in this realm? Do I stick to an office nine to five? What is my purpose? We all go this struggle I think though no? Im no different. Except, luckily, I had kept studying astrology. Blooming Shells (still a fixture on Sag Harbor main street) became my second home. Stacked with crystals, and Debbie Lou who has become a spiritual compass for me, I felt like I was about to get into something big. Then it happened. Jackson was vaccine injured at 18 months, he stopped talking, walking, making eye contact and didn't smile for an insane amount of time. Right before this happened I was depressed and wondering if I would ever amount to anything, well now, I had a mission. Healing Jackson. I was done with modern medicine and switched completely to natural medicine. With the help of Dr. Suzanne Kirby, a slew of physical, occupational and speech therapists Jackson began to progress. Where did this leave me? Well as you would have it, as things began to move forward for Jackson I was approaching what we astrologers call my Saturn return (more on what a Saturn return is soon i promise). WHOA! This one was a doozy, I stopped working for my husband behind a desk, started massage therapy school, immersed myself in astrology, herbal medicine, spiritual guidance and most importantly self love. My soul was seeking another home, a brighter world that was set on a higher frequency. 


Flash forward to today! I have opened a healing center for the body, mind and spirit. Knead and Seed is a very special place where anyone and everyone is welcome. We do twice monthly moon rituals, offer an array of massage therapies, have an herbal apothecary for all your ailments, and we do natal chart readings alongside a medical astrology chart as well. I am so proud of this little place, of every person who has stepped inside with an open heart and an open mind, and of myself for trusting my gut and doing what I was sent here to do. 


Recently when I knew I wanted to incorporate medical astrology into my practice, I knew I would have to talk to one of the greats, not just read books and practice. That is where Diane Cramer comes in, she is a famous (well to us astrologers anyway) medical astrologer who has taken me under her star studded wings and encourages me to be the vessel that passes this vital information onward. As an astrologer you should never really interpret your own chart, of course I know my chart like the back of my hand but I never knew what my Chiron was, I never really paid it any mind. Until the first time I talked to Diane and right out of the gate (typical Aries) she said to me “Well Juli its no wonder you are a healer, your Chiron is smack on top of your midheaven in your career house, which points to healer, everyone knows that”… everyone except me. So needless to say, I have graciously accepted this new role. Medical Astrologer, Herbalist, Massage Therapist, and as one of my clients calls me a spiritual life coach. Im stepping forward into this new found life if you will, with no regrets, a positive attitude and the want and need to make a difference in this community and hopefully beyond. 


I hope that this rings true with you, I hope you come see us at Knead and Seed. This is the first of many blog posts, so stay tuned for all things from crystals, astrology, herbs, spirituality, and massage….gosh and so much more. 


With all the light I can hold,