Smoke Break

Since the last blog post, I have been writing a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Journaling, scribbling, post it note-ing. This whole journey so far, my first summer in business, fully away from Jackson, devoted to this path has been a complete whirlwind. One that I am supremely grateful for. I have found that in between the moon rituals I am all go go go right up until the day before. This time however I have two days free and it has been nice to be able to prepare and really ground myself. 


Lets talk about this rituals shall we? Do you dare enter this realm of amazingness, with the most bad ass of women. Now so far it has not been the same group of women each time WHICH I LOVE! Always there are familiar faces (which is such a gift) but there is always newbies entering the k & s tribe, which is expanding by the minute. These rituals are open to anyone and everyone. It is for women who are really ready to look within, looking to expand their minds and hearts. Looking for that connection even if at the moment they dont know what that may be! Now i wont reveal everything we do, for a multitude of reasons: one, that is just no fun! two, most of what we do is in sacred space and is not to be repeated unless we are all in agreement. However there are pieces I CAN share. We bow to the goddess that correlates with the sign the moon is currently in, if it is a new moon we are working on intentions. If it is a full moon we are working on releasing and letting go. At the last full moon ritual I had all the women release one thing that TRULY no longer served them, we dyed (with washable hair chalk) each others hair while dancing to Whitney Houston in true Aquarian form! We bond, we cry, we laugh really hard and we reach deep down into our spiritual well to bring forth our personal jewel, and we shine her up and show her off. Im hoping this group grows, I hope more women join, I hope that women who are skeptical of it try it - just once even! So I open that into the universe and do whatever I can to hopefully create a safe place for these women to land. 


Mercury Retrograde, we all know it, some of us too well. I certainly jinxed myself this time around I think! I explained in an instagram post about how I tend to function better during them because I was born with Mercury in retrograde. Well. Mercury promptly laughed and reminded me IT IS the ruler of my chart and has been messing with ever since. Clients canceling, moving appointments, emails not sending, checks getting lost in the mail, I could go on and on and on. Now i know not ALL of this is Mercury, some of it is my overlooking things because I am anxious, which retrogrades tend to do. So what to do. Well recently I started doing my own version of a “smoke break”. Every morning after the shower, during, or after I got dressed I put my ipod or my favorite spotify playlist on shuffle and dance to whatever song comes on! IT. IS. SO. POWERFUL. Sometimes its a slow song when im not expecting it and I’m all like uhhh ok what do I do, but i just my body instinctively figure it out. With more upbeat songs too. I really let the lyrics take hold of me and I ALWAYS end up feeling so much more prepared for the day than I was before. So i began this but didn't always stick to it, since last Saturday I have done it every day and it has really helped me through this retrograde (plus Uranus is in retrograde too) and encouraged me to be more bold and forgiving with myself. Seriously just try it. Go on your own little smoke break, you wont regret it that is for sure. 


The card I pulled for this week, the blessing of Zahra card… wow! kind of went hand in hand with all this retrograde stuff, and our past full moon ritual. It really helped affirm things for me, and I hope others, that this message was really about releasing so much that doesn’t serve us, so much so that it can make us unhealthy. When we are emotionally unhealthy how can we truly offer love and compassion to others? We cannot. This card was a true gift, a affirmation that something better is really waiting on that other side, and it all starts with taking care of ourselves first. Knowing we are all deserving of a bountiful feast of love and not the leftovers that are sprinkled in dirt. 


I hope this resonates with you, I hope it keeps you hungry, I hope it feeds your soul in the way you deserve, and lastly I hope it intrigues you. 


With all the light I can hold, 


x. Juli