Slow It Down

I have been feeling such a urge to rush, it permeates my soul like a sickness. Rushing is a true disease in my opinion. It feels like a filth in my bones that no amount of scrubbing will clean the stain off. When I rush I can't seem to get across who I am to people and what I am doing, nor can i really grasp them. The whole of them. It leaves me feeling disconnected (one of my least favorite ways to feel) and empty. I just want to hear more, smell more, taste more, but how. 


This is the definition of true power to me. Being able to slow down…my god. That my friends is power. Something I feel like I am getting better at. A few years ago I adopted the motto “wherever I am is where I shall be”, sometimes I concur this like climbing Mt. Everest in shorts. Other days I cant seem to put two feet in front of the other without tripping up. 

True power. Not money..could it afford me the time to slow down? I doubt it. Beauty? By whose standards anyway. But still no. Being able to type this with my phone off, the window open, hearing the trees bend and the leaves drip to the ground. Smell the tea under my nose, lavender, honey, ginger…warming to not just my body but my senses. This is where I want to stay everyday, present. It is absolutely attainable, it just needs to be put into motion first. Distractions and clutter need to be cleared forever, not temporarily, but an overhaul of my minds excessive words and reminders. Closing the portal for my energy going outward like a velvet curtain, and opening my crown to receive. 


Because we all want to be heard no? To convey your character efficiently requires more than ingenuously speaking it out loud. It consist of inflection, speech, demeanor, genuflection, attire and more importantly your presence. All of these comprise a soul’s intimate language. 


 We all possess a language to us, I am not talking about English, French, Italian..although these definitely do influence how we speak to people. Americans in my opinion are mostly rude, Italians talk to you like they are talking to a lover they haven't seen in ages, and the french? Well they talk like they know better since they have experienced whatever it is you are going through and then some, a hint of somber, a dash of sass, and a heap of “Qui vivra verra”. 


Some of us were made for the lights, but most of us are meant to tell our soul story in a intimate way, there is no way to do that if we do not slow it down. If we really think about it we all know we have been here before, we know more than we think we do, its just how we access it and what we do with this influx of vital information once we receive it. We share it, we must, for how can we know that we are all connected if we don’t. Stand tall, open, and do not look back. For we are never really good at that anyway. Slow it down. Look forward, and then slow down some more.