Aura Photography 

In 1970's Guy Coggins invented the Aura Camera, this camera uses biofeedback measuring techniques. The camera dispalys the aura as colorful fields of light. The color, shape, size of the aura can indicate emotional and spiriual changes. 

Here at Knead and Seed, Juli, found Guy Coggins himself and after many lengthy discussions he built her an aura camera. It should be known these are very rare and quite the investment, however what they can do is astounding. 

The picture itself is like a piece of art yes, but there is so much more to it than just that. We have the Win Aura Pro, and upon receiving the picture you also get a print out of each chakra, how well they are functioning, and each chakra's current color and what that means. You get measurements of your aura's frequency and volume. Also a graph showing your body mind and spirit - to indicate where you are predominately focusing your energy. 

Juli is offering the photo alone, or the option to have a session with her to explain the report in detail and give you excersises to do if needed. 

Aura Photo - $25

Photo with Report Session - $60